Holiday entertaining is around the corner and that means holiday cocktails. We are huge fan of other companies that provide premium products without jeopardizing the environment or each other.

Ron Barceló recently became the first rum in the world to become carbon neutral, setting the standard for what we hope will become the industry norm. 

They pulled of this carbon neutrality by implementing renewable energy and prioritizing packaging materials based on eco-friendliness. Remarkably, 100% of the production plant’s energy is generated through the biomass cogeneration boiler, which creates a self-sustaining energy cycle.

If that wasn’t enough, all products and byproducts in the rum’s production are repurposed for another valuable use. For example, the carbon dioxide that results from the fermentation phase is recovered and sold to soft drink companies instead of being wasted.

To make a cocktail that is completely sustainable mix it up and pour it in a Repurpose compostable cold cup. Here’s a recipe for the eco-friendly mojito that will have all your friends patting you on the back this season.


  • Barceló Añejo 50 ml

  • Lemon juice 1 tablespoon

  • Sugar syrup 2 tablespoons

  • Mint leaves 6-8

  • Club soda


Place the mint leaves, add the lemon juice and the sugar syrup. Fill Repurpose 12 oz Compostable Cocktail Cup with ice cubes or crushed ice; Add the Barceló Añejo and beat gently with a spoon to mix the ingredients; add a little soda, and decorate with a fresh mint springs.

barcelo 3.jpg