With a growing number of airlines, restaurants, and resorts banning or restricting customer access to single-use plastic straws, we’ve been concerned about the impact this may have on people with disabilities.

 As we pondered the most appropriate way to address this issue and introduce our compostable straws as an accommodating alternative, an influential member of the disabled community reached out to us regarding this topic. Kismet or coincidence? You decide.

Jane Hash is a Certified Natural Health Professional and host of The Holistic Vitality Education Channel on YouTube. Her videos highlight different herbs, products, and other holistic modalities that support her in living healthy with a disability.

She reached out to us to share her video review of our single-use compostable straws and it is amazing! With the assistance of her furry co-host, Jane highlights the medical necessity of flexible single-use straws for individuals with certain impairments while also acknowledging the detrimental affects plastic has on our environment.

 Although Jane primarily requires the use of a straw when she is managing an impairment related injury, there is one more reason. She is also an entertainer who can’t afford to have her lipstick smeared while staying hydrated between performances!

Illustration by Sarah Robbins