At Repurpose, we consider ourselves competitive upcyclers. Some of us are old school coffee-cans-as-pencil-holders types, while others are angling to have their DIY designs on Pinterest’s most popular list. Whatever the scope, upcycling is in our DNA.

So it’ll come as no surprise that our super sturdy plates and bowls are actually built from waste materials. Hold on, it’s not as icky as it sounds. We start with something called bagasse, the fibrous residue that remains after all of the juice has been extracted from sugarcane stalks. In the past, sugar cane farmers used to burn this byproduct in their fields, which caused pollution. Today, high heat and high pressure transforms the bagasse into a strong and biodegradable paper-like material, which can be molded into different shapes—like take-out containers, plates and bowls.

We’re overachievers at Repurpose, so we also add recycled wood scraps to our bagasse to make our plates and bowls incredibly durable and help them hold up to hot and cold foods without losing any of their strength. You can even toss them in the microwave and freezer!

Now all you need is some food to put on them. Here are five tasty upcycled eats you can make from your own food scraps:

1.     Carrot soup with carrot top pesto (courtesy of

2.     Crispy potato peels (via

3.     Baked broccoli stem chips (thanks to

4.     Fennel-frond roasted fish (from

5.     Apple peel (and core) jelly (via