We are so happy that Blair Kellison has  joined the Repurpose Board of directors this year. Currently the CEO of Traditional Medicinal Teas, Blair has been lending us his ear and expertise to help grow Repurpose into the leader in ecofriendly picnic and paper.
A CPA with Ernst & Young, a brand manager with Nestle, and MBA from Booth at The University of Chicago, Blair made the best decision of his career by taking a 70% pay cut and trading in his brand manager position at Nestle for a business development position at a mission-driven, vegetarian food company called Fantastic Foods in Petaluma, CA. 

Over the next 22 years, Blair has been the first non-founder CEO of four companies.  Each of these positions have been in the natural foods/wellness industry where he has applied his education and work experiences to lead mission-driven, natural/organic companies into the mainstream, enabling their brands to reach a much wider audience.  He believes true sustainability requires environmental, social, and financial sustainability.